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Doughnut Hole Tower

We recently created this Sweet Table for a Prom event. It had to look elegant, but at the same time meet the needs of a teenager’s palate. So we decided to forgo the classic macaron tower for a doughnut hole tower! You should have seen how wide the kid’s eyes got when they saw the massive display!

Here’s how you can make the same display at your next party!

First, wrap a foam cone tightly with wrapping paper (we chose silver to match our theme). Then, insert a toothpick into the doughnut hole at a 45 degree angle (to give it some breathing room from the tower) and insert the other side of the toothpick at a downward angle into the foam to ensure it’s securely attached. Continue this method tightly around the foam until you complete the first circle. Make each ring around the foam a different color/flavor until the foam is completely covered. FYI – you’re going to need more doughnut holes than you think if you want them to be tightly placed! Our 23-inch tower held 150 doughnut holes.

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