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Continual Wedding Album

Posted by on Feb 19, 2010 in trash the dress, wedding | No Comments
Every couple wants their wedding to say something special about themselves, which is one of the main reasons couples come to Sweet Table for their customized dessert buffet. A year after our wedding, my husband and I decided that we wanted to continue remembering how special our day was by participating in a “Trash the Dress” shoot.

We had so much fun acting as bride and groom again! In fact we loved it so much that we have decided to continue this tradition in what we call our “Continual Wedding Album.” Every time we go on vacation, I pack up a white dress (sometimes my actual wedding dress, sometimes a new space saving white dress) and we hire a local photographer to take some “wedding” pics.We hope one day to have an album of us as bride and groom dipping into the Mediterranean Sea, hiking Down Under, viewing the Eiffel tower, and exploring the world together.

Above are pics from our trip to Grand Bahama Island earlier this year.

Below are pics from our Trash the Dress shoot at Morton Arboretum.

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