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Sweet Summer Treat: Crunchy Mocha Affogato

Maybe it’s my Italian blood, but there’s something about sitting around a candlelit dinner table with friends and full bellies that makes me…crave an espresso! Maybe it’s because I don’t want the beautiful summer night to end, but nothing brings summer and espresso together for me like an affogato. This Crunchy Mocha Affogato is a staple sweet in our house, and I think you’ll love it too!

First, prepare a shot of espresso. Let the shot rest as you put one scoop of coffee ice cream and one scoop of vanilla ice cream into your favorite pretty glass. 

 Swirl some chocolate syrup and crumble pizelles on top of the ice creams.

Now pour your espresso shot over it all, add a heap of fresh whipped cream, dust with fine organic cocoa powder and garnish with another pizelle.

Stay tuned for our review of some our favorite new sweets from the Sweets and Snacks Expo!

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